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Image Upload

If you have a number of images to send us, or a particularly large file, the best method to use isftp (file transfer protocol).

To send single images - simply click the upload button below. This allows you to send up to 10 images and a total of 5gb of information. Just fill out the blank boxes and send.


To send more images, or folders with images in - you will need ftp software on your computer. If you don't have this already you can download it free from companies such as filezilla (pc or mac) or cyberduck (mac). For more information on how to download and use filezilla try this youtube link, or feel free to phone us for advice.

To connect to our server you will need to enter the following:

Host: ftp://2020prolab.ftpstream.com
User name: upload
Password: 2020prolab

Images should be saved as rgb (not cmyk) and as jpg, psd or tiff (not LZW compressed).
Save files into folders according to size and finish and then place all folders into a master folder named after you or your company. Individual passwords are available for account holders.




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