Online printing kiosk

Our online printing ‘wizard’ is a great way to access our high quality printing service from your home. There is no software to download, just click the ‘enter kiosk’ button & follow the instructions. You will be lead through the following steps:
1. Browse and select images for printing.
2. Choose Express Order if you wish to apply order settings (size/quantity/paper surface etc) to all images.
3. For Express Orders, now select size/quantity settings, otherwise, hover over the thumbnail to open size/quantity options as well as cropping, red eye removal & colour/contrast tools.
4. Follow the ‘Next Step’ buttons to enter your final print options (paper surface/borders/special instructions) and then on to the shopping cart. Payment is secure using a Paypal facility, with their option to pay by debit/credit card if you dont have a Paypal account.

Hints and tips:
Put all your images to print in a separate folder, this will make life nice and easy at the browse and open stage as there is a ‘select all’ option.
Payment details are entered after all images have been uploaded. This may take a while if you are sending a lot of images, have a cup of tea and biscuit handy….!
Allow up to 48 hours in lab, although most orders are fulfilled in 24 hours.
If you are familiar with, or prefer to use ftp software to send your images to us, along with an email with print instuctions, head to ‘image upload‘ page.